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  December 8, 2013
A fresh snowfall covers the upper mountains surrounding Whitney Portals and the west flanks from
Lone Pine Peak (off the image to the left).  Look carefully, as the setting crescent moon is slowly
sinking into the center of the image from the left....with Mt. Whitney to the far right.  Between
Whitney's summit peak and the setting moon are the six 'needles', a series of sharp outcroppings
starting with Keeler (left of Whitney), then Day, the third unnamed, then Aiguille Extra, Aguille
du Paquoir, and finally Aiguille Junior (the last).  Keeler and Day were named after two members
of the 1880 expedition to Whitney, James Keeler and William Day.  Recently, Day Needle was
 renamed Crooks Needle in honor of Hulda Crooks, a woman who climbed Mt. Whitney every year
well into her 90s!

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