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  August 28, 2016
  Tillamook Lighthouse
  The Tillamook Rock Lighthouse, just off the coast between Seaside and Cannon Beach, Oregon.
  I have spent 30 years photographing this historical lighthouse from the coastal areas, nearby
 beaches, and even some higher elevations where possible.  This image, however, was taken
  from a Job Corps boat, The 'Ironwood', out of Tongue Point (Astoria, Oregon) that I was
 priviledged to travel as a visiting photographer.  The boat circled the 'rock' four times
 in the course of one hour.  Here, one is looking east toward the coast where I normally
    image this unusual and beautiful edifice.  We were only 300-500 feet from the 'rock'. 
The lighthouse was decommissioned in 1957, but still stands as a landmark for local
residents and beach vacationers.

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