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  August 22, 2010
Messier 31 (The Andromeda Galaxy) was photographed on August 13, 2010
from in the White Mountains of California.  This galaxy is 2.5 million light
years from earth in the constellation Andromeda, and can be seen with the
unaided eye from dark sites, especially in higher mountain elevations.  Above
and to the left is one of two companion galaxies, Messier 32, while a second
companion galaxy, NGC 205 is below center.  This image was taken using a
Canon 1Ds Mark III, with a 400mm f2.8 lens (stopped to f/5.6) for a five
minute timed exposure.  A newly acquired Losmandy G-8 mount was used in
creating this stunning picture of one of the nearest galaxy members to the
Milky Way (our home galaxy).

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