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September 18, 2011
There is nothing like a full rainbow, especially when the background happens to be a most significant
and recognizable one!  After attending a 'space exploration' event north of Flagstaff, Arizona on US
  Highway 89, I drove west on Arizona 64 to the south rim of Grand Canyon NP September 11, 2011.
As I approached Yavapai Point during a heavy rainfall about 6 PM, the sun broke out from behind the
 clouds to the west, while the wall of rain moved east and north from the rim edge. The rainbow 'arc'
extended well down into the canyon, some 3000 feet below the rim, and appeared to be about 210
degrees of a full circle.  As with all rainbows, the diameter of the main bow is about 84 degrees,
 while the secondary bow has a diameter around 102 degrees.  The above image was taken using a
Canon 16mm ultra-wide angle lens.

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