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November 14, 2010
There are times when we need to try something different!  After an hour of serious protrait sitting,
Brittany (granddaughter on the left) asked if we could do a 'FUNNY'.  So with mom (Jennifer) and
her younger sister, Monica (front and center) they pose for this hilarious example of what family is
all about!  Daughter Jennifer was my first and best photogenic example in portraiture.  Interestingly
enough, both Brittany and Monica are like her mother in this regard.  Brittany recently was involved
in the Washington State Miss Teen pageant.  Although she didn't win, she learned and gained much
as a contestant in a beauty pageant at the young age of 14.  Congratulations to you three girls for
making my 'Image of the Week'!  The above image was taken in Renton, WA, November  9, 2010.

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