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  December 29, 2013
  A Brown Pelican preparing to land at the boat dock in Avalon, on Catalina Island on December 27, 2013.
This large bird was looking for handouts from the several men fishing off the dock where Karen and
 I were waiting to leave for Long Beach.  Although backlit by the morning sun, I was very happy
with this image showing his 6-foot wingspan only 10 feet from me as he landed.  This bird was
 not afraid of anyone, and young people even tried feeding him some nuts...to no avail, as he was
only looking for fish!  I have tried for over a dozen years to capture a 'good' image of a pelican
from several places along the West Coast, especially in Oregon.  This image is the middle one of
three captured in a sequence....the first of him gliding in over the water, and the last of his
final 'touchdown'.  All three are on my Facebook page.

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