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April 15, 2012
Multnomah Falls on the Oregon side of the Columbia River Gorge, is located about 30 miles
east of Portland, Oregon.  This image was taken on March 25, 2012 from the west-bound
exit/parking area of Interstate 84.  From the I-84 parking area (available for both west
and east bound travelers), one can walk to the falls and Lodge, but cannot access the old
US-30 Highway through the entire gorge.  One can, however, access US-30 further east
or west from I-84 and travel through the gorge to view seven different waterfalls.

Multnomah Falls is the highest waterfall in the state of Oregon, and sometimes is listed as
the second tallest year-round waterfall in the United States.  The falls drop in two steps;
 an upper falls of 542 feet, and a lower falls of 69 feet with a gradual 9-foot drop between
the two.  At the lower center of this picture, the Benson Footbridge is seen.  A very small
 unnamed waterfall is seen to the right (west) of the main falls.  Excessive rainfall during
the month of March created numerous small waterfalls the author has never seen in the
 Gorge before.

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